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Home Interior Design after Covid-19: 4 Changes That Are Here to Stay

2. Outline Your Requirements

The pandemic has no doubt reshaped interior design as a whole to accommodate our current needs. We’ve previously covered the commercial office interior design trends for the post-COVID-19 world but what about homes? Especially as we adapt to the work-from-home arrangement, it is no surprise if you, like many other homeowners in Singapore, are rethinking the way you live and work at home. If you’re in the process of decorating your new home or redesigning your current living spaces, we’ve summed up the four key interior design changes that can enhance your lifestyle in this new normal:

1. Putting together a dedicated home office space

The most obvious change would be finding a space at home that ensures maximum productivity. While some may make do with makeshift desk setups, others are slowly discovering the need for a dedicated workspace to have their own quiet spot to focus solely on work. Especially with more meetings happening across screens, it is becoming a necessity to have a home office space to continue the video chat at ease knowing that there won’t be any interruptions mid-way. Additionally, it also says a lot about who you are to your colleagues and clients, which is why a proper home office look now plays a huge part in making a positive impression through video conferences.

If you’re in the process of designing a functional home office space, you can also consider ergonomically designed furniture while you’re browsing through your options. Ergonomic office chairs, for instance, can help you feel comfortable throughout your working hours while ensuring that your back and other parts of your body are well-supported.

2. Moving away from open floor concepts

With that being said, there’s also a shift away from open floor plan layouts – which was highly favoured prior to the pandemic. Many used to embrace the idea of doing without walls, tearing down obstructing ones to create an illusion of a much larger space. Yet, there is now value in having walls to divide rooms accordingly to suit the different needs of each family member. For specific tasks like your child’s tuition, it makes sense to have a clear separation between study and play within the house. A well-designed study space will also become incredibly useful as he’ll grow to need a study environment for maximum productivity – so now’s a great time to start!

3. Opting for multi-purpose furniture

For those who have space constraints, there has been a surge in popularity for multi-purpose house furniture to allow you to get the most out of your space. As many families in Singapore continue to spend their time at home, furniture that’s versatile in its uses can come in handy to maximise your living spaces while still effortlessly matching the rest of your interior design. Designed with the right material, a table can function as a dining space as well as a work area.

From beds that double up as desks to wall mounted foldable tables, the possibilities are endless when it comes to exploring the purposes a single room can offer.

2. Outline Your Requirements

4. Choosing sustainable home interior design solutions

Needless to say, with more staying in the comfort of their homes, one thing that can’t be helped is that inevitable increase in utility bills. Yet, what you can control is by prioritising sustainability in your household. As a start, you can consider switching to LED light fixtures as well as letting the daylight in with larger windows. That way, not only will you be using less energy with a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, but it will also help you save money even with spending more time indoors. Other eco-friendly options available for home interior design include using non-toxic paint products and installing sustainable flooring. Why not add some plants into your abode while you’re at it?

Next Steps

Inspired to get started on implementing some of these changes in your own home? As you work towards designing a functional abode that’s nothing short of comfortable, it can be overwhelming to do it alone. If you’re looking for a reliable interior design company in Singapore, consider engaging a boutique interior design firm like Zenith Arc to guide you through the process. To put together a home that’s perfect for your current everyday needs, get in touch with us today for more information.

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