Luxury Interior Design

When it comes to interior design ideas and plans, some prefer minimalist concepts while others go for muted colour palettes with bold furniture. Luxury interior design is another familiar concept – one often accentuated with grand decorative pieces, statement furniture pieces and contemporary colour palettes, all whilst maintaining a visually clean aesthetic. Modern luxury interior design doesn’t have to be inaccessible – at times, just the right colour palette or artwork can easily amp up the luxe.
At Zenith Arc, our team of professionals have been well-experienced in managing the renovation, upgrading, and construction projects. Combining expertise with experience, we are one of the best companies in Singapore for innovative interior design services.

The Beauty of Modern Luxury Interior Design

All interior design modes and concepts come with their own brand of pros and cons. Luxury interior design, for one, combines the best of contemporary, modern and elegant designs to create a polished yet understated look. One of the biggest appeal factors of luxury interior design concepts lies in its ease of upkeep and embodiment of an upscale feel without compromising on affordability or personal style.

Something as simple as gold accents throughout a house can add to the luxe factor, while statement pieces like chandeliers and marble countertops add personality and taste to the house. Modern luxury doesn’t require you to dig deep into your pockets – going for conservative lighting fixtures, minimal remodelling and built-ins are ways to reduce cost. Channel resources into other creative interior design aspects of your house, such as furniture, accenting and statement pieces.

Go With Zenith Arc

Personalised, experienced and knowledgeable, Zenith Arc’s team of professionals offer a customised and quality journey in renovating and upgrading your home. If you’re more of a visual person, fret not. We can create 3D replicas of your dream home renovation vision prior to committing to any plans. Get in touch for a consultation and make those luxury interior design dreams come true.

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