Bad renovation choices that lead to less property value

Bad renovation choices that lead to less property value

Bad renovation choices that lead to less property value

Home is the most dearly place to be. Humans spend most of their time dwelling at the comforting corners of their home after finishing their routine. Perhaps, it is one of the most joyous places where the memories are made. Just like people, homes age too. They break down due to age and become inhabitable after a certain period of time. It has been noted that the interiors of the home degrade faster in terms of looks as opposed to the exteriors.

A variety of factors contribute to degradation in many ways. However, it does not mean one needs to completely build a house all over again. This is where a home renovation project comes in handy. It does not let one repair the broken things in and around the house but also lets the houses breathe the fresh air it has been waiting for. It has been often noted that overdoing or underdoing a house renovation project is what causes to lose its statement. The loss of statement is what undermines its value in real estate. To offer a brief insight, here are some of such bad renovation choices one must avoid while renovation to avoid less property value:

1. Textures:

Home Textures

Design choices affect buying decisions for some people. If you are willing to sell the house after renovation, be attentive to the design choices. There are some choices like textures that often do not attract buyers. Additionally, such kind of works is difficult to remove once applied and cost more fixing than making them happen. Even if one plans on doing the textures, it should be emphasized on limited decors rather than putting it up on all ceilings and home walls.

2. Excessive carpets:

Excessive Carpets

Everyone loves little lush carpets. Little carpets spread across the space increase the aura of any dwelling place and make the place stand out uniquely. There are instances when people overdo the carpets across the entire floor just because they like it. This, however, may not be true at all times. It has been seen that people often prefer buying homes with hardwoods. Hardwood floorings, as opposed to the carpets, have better durability. They even offer a robust look that does not fade away with time. Hence overdoing carpets must be avoided while renovating the home. This ensures that the buyers are not put off by seeing a flooring they do not like.

3. A converted place:

Converted Place

Not all people have 9 to 5 jobs. Some people are full-time freelancers. Freelancers usually prefer to work at the comfort of their homes rather outing to a certain place. This is why some houses may have a professional feel. This is because the houses have been turned in to workplaces by the owners. If one wishes to move on and sell the home, this might turn out to be a hindrance. Not all buyers are looking for professional workspaces inside their homes. Also, the buyer would have to spend more on renovating that one space of the place once bought. It is usually seen that the bedrooms are the target of conversion and restoring them costs thousands of dollars in most places.

Hence adding a professional office feel to a home is not a fruitful choice. Even if one has to work from home, the setup must be done in such a way that not a lot of desks and shelves are involved in the space. It is usually seen that such spaces often fetch 10 percent lesser prices than they are usually expected to.

4. In-house aquarium:

House Aquarium

Aquariums are preferably one of the most luxurious additions one can do in a home. Several efforts like regular refilling, periodic cleaning, and assets like food, fish care, and environment setup are involved in making it happen. As costly as it sounds to set up, as equally costly it is to get rid of it. Such an upscaled addition may not be everyone’s pick when it comes to selecting a house with one.

Instead of making such a hefty investment, one must suffice by the addition of a simple fish tank in a room. This ensures that one does not face lower resell costs down the road after the renovation.

5. Reducing bedrooms:

Reducing Bedrooms

There are several sets of ground rules when it comes to good homes. One such rule is of the bedrooms. The commonly accepted perception around them is that “the more, the merrier”. Even if there is a spare bedroom in the space, one must avoid converting it at all costs. This is because we may be unaware of the number of bedrooms the next house owner may require. Also, multiple reworked bedrooms are considered to be a sign of a good home renovation.

Even if the renovation forces you to get rid of a bedroom, ensure that it is only done in the case when there already more than five bedrooms at home. They greatly affect the buying factor and resale value of the home.

6. Many Built-in Fixtures in Home

Built in Fixtures

Built-in fixtures play a vital role in house sales. A fixture is something that is attached to the property and in such a way that its removal might cause damage. For example, when anyone’s personal property nailed, screwed, bolted, cemented and plastered into the structure it becomes a fixture that can’t be removed easily. However, there are so many other built-in fixtures as well that can be included in the sale.

Having too many built-in fixture cabinets can be the source of stress between buyers and sellers. It is important to list the items that you consider fixtures and specify them in the purchase offer. If a seller has a certain affection for fixtures, it is suggested to remove it and if necessary, replace it. Sometimes a large number of built-in fixtures become a problem in the way of selling a house and if proper negotiation will not be done between the buyer and seller it will ultimately reduce your property value.

These are some of the common tips regarding what to avoid during a house renovation. While they may seem too common choices, they greatly affect the resale value of the home and greatly upscale the house in the right way. After all, a meaningful home renovation attracts a lot of potential buyers in the process.

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