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Accommodating a Growing Company: Tips to Revamping Your Office Design

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As your company expands in size, you may find the need to redesign your office. What used to work when only ten people were working together might not work anymore as you now have more than twenty people occupying the space. What might have been once a spacious area now feels cramped. 

In fact, this phase is expected when a business thrives in Singapore. However, the search for larger offices can be difficult. Especially if you are not planning to move to another office anytime soon, there are some simple tweaks to help you accommodate a growing team in your existing space. With a little creativity, it’s possible to make even small spaces feel like home by incorporating thoughtful features that will increase employee satisfaction. 

1. Start with your workstations

Teamwork is key to any company’s success. As companies grow, they need more room for their employees and clients. The best way to do this without sacrificing work output or culture is by opening up more collaborative space with creative zones and breakout rooms that can be used for team meetings or brainstorming sessions.

This layout not only creates a sense of community but also allows employees who need assistance from their colleagues to feel more included and welcomed into the conversation. It also encourages creative thinking because people are constantly engaged in discussions which helps them think outside the box. 

2. Minimise noise distraction
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With that being said, noise will inevitably come hand in hand when managing an office with more people. This may, in turn, affect focus and productivity in the long run. As a start, you can encourage employees to keep longer discussions in the conference room. We cover more dos and don’ts for a functional conference room here

Additionally, you can also utilise whiteboard walls or glass partitions as versatile spaces that can be used by any department at any time without disrupting other work being done nearby. Besides turning down the ambient volume in the office, this is also particularly useful for those who require privacy at times. 

In terms of flooring, you may opt for carpet or soundproof underlayments that can significantly absorb the sound and reverberation of footsteps. 

3. Eliminate clutter

A space-challenged office may also struggle with proper storage of files and supplies. It can eventually take up more time than necessary to find what you need. More importantly, the visible clutter can take away concentration and decrease work efficiency. This is a sign to reevaluate your storage solutions and achieve a more organised workspace. For instance, if you’re not currently making full use of your wall space, you have the freedom to explore these areas. By investing in practical storage options, you can free up floor and desk space. As you create a place for everything, it’s also a good time to shred any old documents that are no longer of use.  

4. Ask for help

When you’re ready to move into your next stage of growth, it can be difficult to accommodate everyone in the same space. It is also easy to overlook some of the most important aspects of office design when you are occupied with managing your company. The wrong design can damage your company’s productivity and make employees feel out of place at work. It can also be expensive to fix later on down the line. 

Companies today are growing at a rapid rate. This means that office design needs to be flexible, allowing space for new staff without sacrificing efficiency. The best way to envision the future of your office space is by planning ahead and working with a professional interior designer. To create the best environment for your employees and clients, you can always reach out to a reliable office interior design firm in Singapore. Commercial office interior designers like Zenith Arc can discuss further with you and plan a layout that works well for your staff. Get in touch with us for a free consultation today. 

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