Budget Friendly Home Renovation Tips

Budget Friendly Home Renovation Tips

Budget Friendly Home Renovation Tips

Homes define the way we live. Be it the place we dwell on weekdays or the place we party at on weekends, homes are a heartbeat for any person. The home is a boon for those who travel the world and yet, finds rest at snoring in one of their favorite corners of their house. Just like any living being, a home too needs care. While long durations opt for a house rebuild, short terms aim for house makeover. Such kind of makeovers can be achieved through a home renovation.

While renovations are a smart idea to give the desired makeover to your house, they can turn out to be pretty costly if unplanned. Several aspects like home interior design, especially for modern homes turn out expensive. While hiring home interior designers or architects is a feasible option, one can also go for home renovation expert service providers like Zenith Arc. Our team consists of pioneer field experts that are specifically dedicated to such kind of home renovations and home interior design works.

Finance can be a bigger limitation if one decides to opt for such kind of projects, yet is still doable if one will to take the project as DIY at a benefit of lesser cost. The DIY nature of the home renovation project can invoke a whole new level of creativity among the enthusiasts as they learn to get things done. The Internet proves to be of great service during such times, letting one research upon topics one would find difficult to understand. Several other mediums like journals, guides, references, pieces of advice from family-friends-experts as well as social media assistance can assist one in getting things done the right way.

Here are the best of our home renovation tips, especially recommended by the experts at Zenith Arc for getting your house renovation done the right way:

1. Decide a budget:

Decide Budget

Start the process by deciding your affordability. How much is that you are willing to spend on your home renovation project. Deciding a certain number of budget lets you decide what you wish to bring back to life or what is it that you wish to add that shows your style.

Setting a limit would also let you bound the changes as per the level of severity. Breaking your defined budget is not fruitful for your savings.

2. Start Small:

Start small

Decide a list of things you want to replace or repair under a certain home renovation project, arrange them chronologically and start small. Starting from small things will ensure that you do not end spending up most just at the beginning to save costs for bigger changes. A common example would be to opt for fixing the broken tiles than to choose to paint the entire house. What needs immediate attention and has a small cost can let you make the right decision.

Small changes can also include but are not limited to making cosmetic changes like changing furniture veneers and plywood, replacing old rugs with new ones, adding plants to the ambiance and such. Make the cosmetic changes in such a way that the complement that part of your house. One can also focus on designing their house’s front door since it is the very first thing that catches everyone’s eye. It also adds up a fresh, new look to the front of your home.

3. Refresh the old:

Refresh the Old

Old is quite the gold! Furniture made in the olden days used to be quite sturdy. If you have some type of such furniture lying around, well don’t throw it! You can get creative with it. Just paint it with your favorite colors or the ones that match your room. It is a good, cheap option to add a retro style element to your home. Stick to popping primary colors or brown palettes for the best results. Results vary with the type of choices of your vibe, home interior design, décor, elements, etcetera.

4. Simplicity:


Keeping things simple is also the way to go. Opting for minimalist elements in your home interior design can give an offbeat look to your home space. Lesser elements in the space, meaning the convenience of moving the items is also simpler. This also keeps your spaces clutter-free, meaning more room for your other items. De-cluttering can be achieved by simply cleaning up the place of unnecessary items. Simple elements like Natural flowers and pots add a refreshing vibe to your home interiors.

5. Reusability:


One must keep track of important places once a home renovation is put into consideration. One such place is the kitchen. While Cleaning and re-organizing can make the most of your kitchen maintenance, make sure you get rid of the extra stuff that you do not use. Consider installing vents if you often find yourself to be cooking in your kitchen for the most times. Reusability of the old items to remake your kitchen is also proven to be an effective idea.


While all the ideas presented here can be much handy, there are times when you might require the assistance of an expert. Thankfully, Zenith Arc based in Singapore also offers such kind of solutions on a ready basis so that the customers can get the most out of their DIY home renovation projects at ease. Expert opinions would greatly help reduce overall damages.

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