Eclectic Interior Design

A beautiful mess – that pretty much sums up the eclectic interior design style. Dynamic and imaginative, it’s full of character and can be an interesting process to plan. However, it is not as simple as it looks. With the combination of different interior design styles, eclectic decorating can be a tricky challenge for many homeowners in Singapore. To pull off the look, a lot of thought goes into carefully curating a cohesive space. The different design elements have to work seamlessly together or it may seem disjointed and overwhelming.

How Can I Achieve The Eclectic Style in My Home?

Before you start purchasing eclectic home decor, it is crucial to first decide on the colours you want to work with. With a specific colour palette in mind, you can then narrow down your furniture options. Think about focal points and accent pieces, and you’ll be able to work towards an overall striking interior design.

More importantly, don’t rush into shopping for furnishings and decor items. If you want to showcase the eclectic style throughout your home, take your time to conceptualise the space you want to create. Take note of the layout and mood of the various rooms, and you can truly get the most unique looks from each room.

Alternatively, if you are planning to focus on a specific room, it is important that the room complements with the rest of your interior. The bottom line is, it will take time to build your eclectic interior design, especially if you are executing it yourself.

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Unsure about where to get the right items to achieve eclecticism at its finest? If you need assistance in planning your eclectic interior design project, feel free to reach out to us. Here at ZenithArc, you can rest assured that with our dedicated team of interior designers, we will go the extra mile to create an eclectic interior design that’s uniquely you. For more information, check out our portfolio and start envisioning the eclectic interior design you’ll achieve with ZenithArc.

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