Industrial Interior Design

From a minimalist interior design to one inspired by Japanese homes, there are a plethora of interior design schemes that have taken the world by storm. Some of which have been passing trends, while others have stood the test of time and remained trendy throughout the years. One of these is the industrial-inspired interior design scheme. Rough around the edges, minimalistic, and optimally functional, this design is a nod to the fuss-free architecture and interiors of warehouses and factories. Stripped back and left unfinished, the industrial interior design is perfect for homeowners who love achieving the perfect balance of masculinity, simplicity, and subtle touches of delicateness. Understanding the penchant for the awe-inspiring industrial interior design amongst homeowners in Singapore, Zenith Arc offers customised home interior design services to create a flawless home.

The Appeal of Industrial Interior Design

Extremely flexible, the industrial theme is based on a few key fundamentals – neutrals, wood, metal, and minimalism. Taking the whole concept of simplicity is key to a whole new level, this interior design somehow manages to make a bold statement. With its foundation built on neutral tones and natural finishes, you can layer furnishing and texture to add more dimension should you decide to make changes in the future.
Though simple at its core, the industrial interior design is probably one of the most complex looks to pull off. Requiring painstaking skill, craftsmanship, and details of a design visionary, achieving the perfectly curated industrial-inspired space becomes easy with the help of Zenith Arc and our team of experts. Working closely with you to decide how modern or timeworn you would like your abode to look, we help you achieve your design ideals.

Go Raw & Rustic with Zenith Arc

Certain that the industrial style interior design is for you? Allow our team of experts to marry the right design plans and décor to achieve the perfect balance of modernity and old-world chic in your home. For more information, get in touch with us for a free consultation. Want to visualise your future home before committing to anything? We will create 3D replicas of your post-renovation home before you formally engage in our services!

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