Jalan Rahmat

Many people may find it difficult to when it comes to designing a landed home. To create a perfect or most well suitable interior design for your landed home, you need to first identify the interests and needs of your home. The Qanvast-certified project located at Jalan Rahmat focuses on minimalism, neutral colors, and clean design lines.

Renovation Price:$72,000 SGD
Completion Time:14 weeks
Design Style:Modern & Contemporary
Year of Project:2022
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False Ceiling
Feature Wall

A Little About Project


Project Details

Relaxing rooftop terraces with some plantations provide a space for leisure. L-shape ceiling top wardrobe in light grey perfectly matched with the brown wooden floor in the bedroom. A private room with a simple working desk covered by transparent glass which emphasizes maximizing the natural of lights. The use of a marble white theme in the living room on both wall finishing and furniture makes the area look elegant spacious and clean. A long dining table with modern pendant light is placed in the center of the kitchen. Use of a transparent glass door in the main entrance which provides the maximum level of natural light. Customize cabinets installed along the doorway from the entrance which focus on its functionality.


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