12 Serangoon Gardens Terrace 2

With the big 5-room 334m² Serangoon Gardens Terrace budget was one of the most difficult planning done. The interior was designed with contemporary style for customization of owner preferences and giving the rooms bright natural lights. The renovation was done in a way that you can customize your home anytime in the future!

Renovation price:$71,000 SGD
Completion time:4 to 5 weeks
Design Style:Contemporary
Year of Project:2018
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A Little About Project


Project Details

The ever-changing contemporary Interior Design style allow high customization for house owner to make changes which making it future-proof. The low-high cabinet in the living room, blending it with clean lines, it gives more storage space for a neat and tidy area. The plan was designed for a balance between space and overall home size and by that, it makes the room less empty, maximum airflow and natural lights.

Those who are passionate with books, study room were emphasized with a relaxing sofa area and a huge bookshelf that can store vast amount of books. A unique movable bookshelf ladder was customized for easier accessibility without compromising the room aesthetic design but also to add a fascinating art to it.


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