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How to Maximise Space in Your Studio Apartment

Simple Design for Dining Space With many affordable studio apartments to select from in Singapore, it is easier for the modern solo dweller to find houses that suit their style and design preferences. Yet, living in a small space – consisting of a single room and bathroom – can come with its challenges. It is easy to get frustrated when you are trying to find the perfect place for your TV, or have absolutely no space to do work from home. However, with some clever interior design and organisation skills, there are ways to make the most out of your small house without sacrificing comfort or functionality. This blog post will focus on how you can optimise the space you have available in your home by making clever use of vertical storage, maximising every inch of space and using furniture wisely.

How do you maximise space in a small house?

1. Choose light colours

One of the best ways is to use colour. Light or pastel shades are often the most popular choice for homeowners because they create a fresh, clean feel that is perfect for any room. Many people also find light colours help their rooms appear brighter and larger than darker colours do. You can paint one wall a lighter shade than the others as well as opt for white or cream draperies to brighten up the look of your studio apartment. With light colours, you can also consider interior design styles like Scandinavian, minimalist, Japanese and eclectic for your cosy space.

2. Install multifunctional furniture

When it comes to furniture, multifunctional furniture will be more ideal for your studio apartment in Singapore. This means that your choice of furniture products can be used in more than one way. When working with an interior design company or shopping for furniture yourself, you will be introduced to a diverse range of space-saving options to choose from such as sofa beds, floating desks with shelving, extendable tables and under-bed storage solutions. Any one of these can be automatically converted to cater to your needs. SImple and Minimalist Bedroom Design

3. Keep items off the ground

Additionally, make use of your wall space and place shelves or racks for storage. That way, you can minimise clutter that would otherwise take up valuable floor space. Your storage solutions can come in handy here to help you maintain the spacious look and feel of your small home.

4. Add mirrors to reflect light

Another way to make spaces seem larger is by using mirrors. Mirrors work best when they are placed at an angle so that they reflect light throughout the room instead of just reflecting themselves back into the room. Without taking up any floor space, mirrors that are strategically placed can make your home appear much longer and bigger than it actually is. If you need to divide spaces, opt for glass partitions or open bookshelves to make two areas feel separate. This can act like a barrier to break up the room for its various purposes like work and rest

5. Explore the unconventional

Finally, the options of positioning your furniture are endless. You can play around with different furniture arrangement ideas before deciding on the final layout. The professional work of an experienced interior designer can be beneficial to help you perfect the look of your studio apartment within a shorter time. In fact, houses big and small can benefit from the expertise of a knowledgeable interior design firm in Singapore. Equipped with the best tips to express your personal style in the space you have, you can engage companies like Zenith Arc for affordable home interior design services. Check out our blog for more helpful tips or feel free to contact us for assistance.

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